Hurry hurry has no blessings

Bodaboda (bicycle taxis) started 25 years ago. It has thrived and become a big industry especially in the lake side town of Kisumu City. It grew very fast to other towns as a quick and convenient mode of transportation. It’s origin is traced back at Kenya- Uganda Border, where it facilitates trade between the two countries in terms of human and goods transportation. It was in Busia – bordertown with Uganda – where the first BodaBoda’s arised. Here the name BodaBoda originated from the bicycle taxi drivers calling to their customers: ‘Border Border’ – I bring you from border to border. Which quickly became ‘BodaBoda’. The thriving of bodaboda in other places came as a result of poor condition roads in urban centers and poor transportation systems. To save time and money a mayority opted for bodaboda services, since they could take you where you want and the services were readily available at your convenient time. Moreover it’s a safe way of transport.

Bodaboda operators Onset of the new millennium bodaboda-motorcycle-taxis came to the picture. The bodaboda-bicycles-taxis are still present, but the growth to motorcycle made bicycle drivers swop their bicycle for a motorbike. Unfortunately from the latest findings motorcycle taxis operators account for 31% of all trauma patients at the main referral hospital in Kisumu. Mainly for young school leavers joining the service industry to make quick money and without proper training from the riding school. It’s estimated that at least 500,000 unsafe trips are taken daily. Sad, that the introduction of motorcycles has caused more harm than good to both riders and passengers. Bodaboda-bicycles-taxis are safe, eco friendly, affordable and easy to repair. “Hurry hurry has no blessings”.