Meet Moses

Moses is a real bicycle cushion expert. He has been manufacturing these cushions for years for the local bicycle taxis, but is honored with the interest from Europe. He cuts the right sizes from the fabrics and sews the cover of your bicycle cushion together with his classic, foot propelled Singer sewing machine. Next he fills the cover with recycled material en nails the filled cover to a wooden board. To give the cushion some extra cheer he can add a nice decorating rim. Moses is an independent entrepreneur in Kibuye, the biggest market of East-Africa. He is married and has six children, his work enables him to sent his children to school. Kevin, his oldest son, just finished secondary school and sometimes helps hisĀ father in the workshop. Meet George

George is a Carpenter and produces the timbers for you cushion. He looks for the right wood in the local sawing mills and cuts, planes and sands it enthusiastically too nice and strong timbers. He drills two holes and the timber is ready! George has his own carpentry shop, also at Kibuye. From the sales of his work he sustains his wife and children and many other family members. He makes anything, from cupboard to chairs and even double beds. George also has a legendary dailtone. Everytime we call him, we are welcomed by a singing priest before he picks up the phone. Soon available for download here!